Getting Started | Newbie Checklist

New to OpenSMC? Like lists? Start here.

In your first few weeks, we recommend you try the following:

  • Attend a Meetup
  • Submit the New Member form (so we can get to know you!)
  • Coding beginner? Start here to learn the basics, and post at least once in Slack’s #new-members to let us know what you’ve started exploring.
  • Experienced coder? Choose a project that sounds interesting, reach out to its project lead, and suggest a few issues that you might like to tackle.
  • Interested in contributing to non-coding tasks? Check out these roles. If you find one you like, send an email to and share your interests.

Want to go above and beyond? Here are some more options:

  • Write a blog post for us about something you like about civic hacking, open source, yourself or OpenSMC.
  • Attend meetings of local government groups to brainstorm solutions.
  • Check out some local hack events or civic tech groups. Then, share out with the OpenSMC group!